to skin, verb, skinned; skinning: to strip, scrape, or rub off an outer covering (such as the skin or rind)


Häutungen or SkinInG, is a performance about hubris, gravitation, and looking good in and out of your skin.

Is it funny? Yes!

Is it scary? Yes!

Is it crazy? Yes!

Is there a lot of skin? YES! The Faun Marsyas reveals it all; not even skin stays on!

Is it ok for children? We are not even sure it is ok for adult, bring your whole family, including grandparents and we’ll see who survives!

Will this performance help if you want to pass your test on ancient myths? Absolutely not!

Facts: Athene doesn’t like double oboe because it makes her cheeks look silly. The faun Marsyas finds it. He thinks he is the best player ever and challenges Apollo. Apollo plays the lyre and sings and wins the competition. As a reward, he decides to skin Marsyas, which transforms into a river.

More Facts: the performance takes place on 3.2.2024 at 19h at the Spandau Arcaden in one of the empty shops. Yes, exactly. Go to the shopping mall, go downstairs, look for the Deichmann shop and get through the door opposite it. 


Artistic team (Alphabetical order):

Joyce Ferse, performer, dramaturgy

Miika Hyytiäinen, performer, music

Carlos Manuel, performer, director, texts

Some of our references:


Apollo and Marsyas by Eugene Lee-Hamilton

Apollo and Marsyas by Zbigniew Herbert

Kleine Kulturgeschichte der Haut edited by Ernst G. Jung

Metamorphoses by Ovid

Medusa (as we remember her)

Nina Simone’s version of  Feelings

Paul B. Preciado’s ideas, writings and art

and Alices by Lewis Carroll (indirectly)

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