Voice is Voices


Voice is Voices is a sound installation opera about voices and identities. It brings opera and singing closer than you have ever heard it. It is an opera installation about voices and identities:

tricksters of fairytales,

sisters inventing their own language,

opera prelude for four coloratura sopranos,

and about one voice growing into different genders, feelings and personalities.

Different bodies, quotes and styles from baroque to Sprechgesang and Viena Karelian yoik tie Voice is Voices into an opera that invites the audience right inside the intimacy of the opera.

Artistic team:

Miika Hyytiäinen, composition and concept

Henriikka Tavi, libretto

Maija Turunen, Tonmeisterin

Kajsa Dahlbäck, voice (specialist in old music)

Annika Fuhrmann, voice (specialist in contemporary music and folk styles)

Marika Hölttä, voice (specialist in coloratura and pop styles)

Kaisa Ranta, voice (dramatic coloratura)

Louna Hosia, viola da gamba

Pinja Nuñes, cello

Merja Ritola, producer

Emma Kuntsi, production assistant

Production has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland, Wihuri Foundation, TTOR foundation, Sibelius-Academy Foundation, Sibelius foundation, The Finnish Music Foundation and Kordelin Foundation.

Photo credits: Miika Hyytiäinen, Jouni Harala, Moises Garibaych, and Studio Auran kuva.


A stereo version of the section IV: Bird sisters

Staging the installation


Earlier performances:

Music Hall, Helsinki Finland  4/9/2021 (premiere) Feel Helsinki festival

further performances 5/9 to 10/9/2021 Music Hall 10 year festival

Duration of the piece is 50 minutes

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