Emote is a music theatre piece for four vocal artists, percussion and video score that uses highly emotional vocal gestures as musical material. It is commissioned by and composed for Maulwerker, one of the few groups in the world with the vocal and emotional range, eagerness to experiment, and stamina to go through it.

We can laugh, cry, inhale in surprise or shock, or let the air out through our lips in love and seduction. These physical actions are used to build classical musical forms: a trio of emotional inhalations or a fughetta of laughter. Due to the repetition, speed and structuring, the actions lose their original emotionality and take on new, sometimes even reversed, meanings. Laughter becomes mechanistic and scary, crying something humorous and silly. The music in Emote is marked with Soune graphic notation to achieve the physicality of the piece better. This notation developed by Hyytiäinen is also projected as a video in performance. The emotions, vocals and graphic gestures are larger than life, threatening, over-powering and beautiful.

The Maulwerker performers of the piece are Ariane Jessulat, Katarina Rasinski, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, and the percussionist Matthias Engler. Video projections are created in collaboration with Steffi Weismann. 

Photos copyright Anja Weber.


September 2024, in Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

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