Makabere Geschichten

Makabere Geschichten” is a buffet of horrible little stories. They all have different point of views to themes of death and love, intimacy and indifference. In Abendessen the love is shown by food, or is it? In Prelude and Fughetta the strict chamber music style hides something horrible. Kylning shows us a little maiden with her merry cows, whereas in Illusionist we see a new version of the oldest trick in the book, it can only end in Funèbre. Glockenspiel shows us little crazy game called domestic violence but Ménage à trois doesn doesn’t seem to be much happier so we need still a Requiem sung by the soprano. Die Letzte shows the last and the most macabre way by which we humans kill each other. But don’t blame the perverted mind of Hyytiäinen, all of the death and violence are actually in way or another quotations of Alban Berg’s opera “Lulu”.

So far three groups of musicians have performed some version of the piece. Premier in Berlin, a shorter version of the piece (for a guitar, violin and a performer) in Helsinki and also version in UNM festival in Reykjavik.

  • Performances:
    2012 in UdK, Berlin, Premier
  • 2012 in Conservatory, Helsinki
  • 2012 in UNM festival, Reykjavik, this version was also broadcasted in radio Ópus
  • 2015 in Aikamme kamarimusiiki festival, Helsinki

Makabere Geschichten

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A dual composition for Tulkinnanvaraista 20.1.2024