Impossibilities for Violin


Miika Hyytiäinen’s “Impossibilities of the 25022020” for solo violin, was written inspired by and for the ”Temporality of the Impossible”Dejana Sekulić‘s artistic PhD research, taking place at the CeReNeM and ReCePP, at the University of Huddersfield (UK).

The piece is quite literally a forever changing piece – its form (“score”), is a video generated from extremely various sources, appears in front of the performer (and the audience) for the first time only in the very moment of the performance itself. – Dejana Sekulić.

“Temporality of the Impossible” still makes me giggle, such a beautiful name that opens up ideas and nicely points out many things I love and hate about music written for violin. As a composer, I like to be nice to the musicians and in this case being nice means not being nice, which made the composition process somehow stressful but also interesting. Originally (I think), the “temporality” cancels the “impossible”, someone will always rehearse the unplayable. But I decided to use the time dimension to create the impossible.” – Miika Hyytiäinen

The premier of the 1st version of the piece took place in 2019 on June 3rd at la Cité internationale des arts (Paris, France). The following video features the recording of the 2nd premier of the piece that happened on February 25th in Huddesrfield. 

Premier of Miika Hyytiäinen's "IMPOSSIBILITIES OF THE 25022020"

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