Žižek Says!


Žižek says!

[...]the human voice
not as the sublime, ethereal medium
for expressing the depth of human subjectivity,
but the human voice as a foreign intruder.

Miika says! 

Instrumentalists are proper musicians,
but we change that easily:
make them sing!
Only one thing could be worse:
making them move and speak!

Žižek says!

[...] but who possessed her?
A voice. A voice in its obscene dimensions.

Miika says! 

Accordion already looks like a weird puppet
that the player tries to control,
but it just screams!

Žižek says!

Or, since we cannot simply get rid of it,
how to domesticate it, how to transform this voice
nonetheless into the means of expressing humanity,
love and so on.

Miika says! 

Thank god the saxophone goes peep, that is 
the only excuse to hang in public with
such a phallic object.

Žižek says!

Voice is not an organic part of a human body.
It's coming from somewhere
in between your body.

Žižek says!, a humoristic music theatre piece directly from uncanny valley, will be premiered in an international festival in early 2024. More details will be published soon!

Žižek quotes are from the Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006).

Photo copyrights Hanna Koikkalainen, Octavian Balea, James Kriegsmann.

Žižek says! will be premiered at the Tampere Biennale on 10/4/2024. See you there!

Update: because of a force majeure the premiere had to be cancelled and a new date will be announced soon.

Artistic team:

Joonatan Rautiola, saxophone and singing

Niko Kumpuvaara, accordion and voice

The project is supported by: 

(SKR working grant) 

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